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Meadowview prizes

Hi everyone. This isn't the typical trade or giveaway, but we thought this was an appropriate place to post since there will be prizes.

In case any of you didn't know, Meadowview is having an online fund raiser tomorrow, May 6th, through the Commuinity Give Foundation for expansion of the Joseph Pines Preserve and to expand Meadowview's infrastructure. Donations will essentially be DOUBLED through a challenge grant offered by the Mary Morton Parson's foundation.

There are many raffle prizes for anyone who donates $25 or more towards Meadowview's cause, including some rare plants, CP books, and more. Visit www.pitcherplant.org for more information on the preserve expansion, and visit Meadowview's Community Give facebook page for more information about the prizes and how to donate ( www.facebook.com/events/643564182383575/ ).

This opportunity is ONLY GOOD IF YOU DONATE ON MAY 6TH!

Thank you,
Is there any way to get in on this if you don't have facebook ?
Last chance to qualify for prizes by donating to Meadowview. ONLY AN HOUR AND A HALF LEFT! Lets help Meadowview out!