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Meadowview CP Social and Open house

We would like to invite any and all who are interested to attend our carnivorous plant social and open house on Saturday March 19th, 2016 at Meadowview Biological Research Station (PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DATE HAS CHANGED!) ! Please RSVP on the event listing we have created on Facebook (or, just let us know you plan to come): Carnivorous Plant Social and Open House | Facebook

The purpose of this event is to get folks together for fellowship in conservation and horticulture of carnivorous plants. The exact activity plan is still in the works, but we plan to have several fun activities, including but not limited to plant show and tell, plant raffle, terrarium or mini bog workshop, discussions on cultivation and conservation topics, snacks, and a tour of our collection and Central VA Preserve! We will also have plants available for sale. We will keep you posted with updates!

CP social by richjam1986, on Flickr
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That's a 9-hour round-trip for me....but I'm tempted, haha. Is it going to be geared more towards those who are first being introduced to CP's or would the activities be informative for an established hobbyist as well? (Other than wandering around looking at all the plants, I mean...which is always great.)
We will try to have different activities for both those new to CP's as well as long time hobbyists. Obviously, the outdoor plants won't be growing yet.
Due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict, we have to move the date of the CP social and open house to Saturday March 19th. Sorry for the mix-up, but we hope that those who were planning on attending can still make it!
Here's our general plan for the day of the social, subject to change:

10:00 15 minute introduction and orientation

10:15 - 12:00 Plant show and tell (Show off your nice plants!) plant swaps

12-1 lunch and socializing. Cold cuts, sandwiches, vegetable snacks, bring your own drinks

1-2 meadowview plant sales/plant auction

2-4 tour of meadowview grounds, hothouse, highland chamber, high tunnel, central VA preserve
4-5 wrap up
FOR ANYONE PLANNING ON BUYING PLANTS AT THE OPEN HOUSE: We will have SOME plants ready for immediate sale, as well as a few we are auctioning, BUT we are not set up for quick and easy selling of many varieties (they need to be unpotted, divided, cleaned, bagged, etc, for sale). With the number of people we are expecting at this event, and limited staff, we will likely be unable to get individualized, larger plant orders together the DAY OF the event. THEREFORE, if you want to get specific plants, please message me (Richard Curzon on FB, or richard@pitcherplant.org) ASAP with your plant list from our catalogue ( Meadowview Biological Research Station - Online Catalog 2013 )and I will do my best to get as many orders ready as possible by the time of the event. Payment required up front before I will process the order! Thanks for understanding :)