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I was crusing through various CP sites and finally found a site with most of the drosera i wanted! But the only problem, the plants i wanted: D.petiolaris 'All red', D.stenopelta, D.paradoxa 'white flower', D.paradoxa 'white flower', D.dialatato-petiolaris; after i processed the whole order, came to $112!!!!! Oh man...to much lol.
Champagne tastes and a beer budget
Hi Zach,

start with one or two petiolaris-complex-Drosera. If you grow them well, they will propably divide on their own and you have plants to trade.
Drosera paradoxa should be one of the easier ones.

An excample (a bit to much weed in the pot, I know)

Thanks Martin. Which paradoxa is rarer, white flower or pink flower? Thansk-Zach
Cool, I think ill get the white flower one. Thanks-Zach