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Made some cuttings last night


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Well, as the title says, my 90 gallon tank just wasn't tall enough any more! So I took a four cuttings....

Two from my N. Wrigliana (not sure if I will succeed with these, but I HAD to trim the sucker, so why not?).

One from my gracilis (no problem on this one&#33

One from my x coccinea (didn't need to be trimmed, but I figured it might be a nice way to stimulate some new growth points)

So, with any luck at all, in about two or three months I'll have some nice trade bait.
I know this kind of off topic but can you do x coccinea cuttings in pure water? I have 2 cuttings of x coccinea in LFS but they arent rooting..
I haven't tried N. x "cocciena" in just water, but I imagine that they probably would root, since I have found that when using LFS as a rooting media, they root better in really wet conditions. For example I will set the rooting containers (film canisters with holes in the bottom) witch contain the LFS and the cutting in 1/2 inch of water. They root readily in these conditions.

Try it and see what happens.
I should start another topic (sorry) and I know this is covered in another topic but I just want be extra sure for future reference in Neph Cuttings.

Are these ready for cuttings and where should I cut them??




I wish I had a Wrigleyana...
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Well, Dyflam, I'll keep you in mind if I'm successful!!
I am of the opinion that any time my plant is taller than I want it to be it is ready for cutting.

And I cut them back where I want them and then worry about making cuttings from the bits I removed.