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nepenthes gracilis

Nepenthes Specialist
How can they get it to grow this big and so well! I find this species a royal pain in the butt! It is tougher than ma Rajah or even my Lowii!  
 Any comments welcome. Very nice plant at Kew gardens.

where did you get that pic? was it online? I went to the site oyur pic was from. look at this:

how do they do THIS!


and this rajah:


it's so amazing!
Joel sent me his Madag in a trade is doing well in my house. No dome, no special anything. Its made two or three leaves in the past month, month and a half...

No pitchers yet, but thats kuz i just got it... I think its about to make a pitcher... It's 'aiming' its tendril... If you kinda get wut i say... Hehehe...

Just put it on a windowsill. =/
Spect 73, Rajah is very easy to grow and that doesn't surprize me at all.

Greg, in your house. Now that intesresting. When you got it did it go through a phase when the new leave came out they were very small and much smaller than the previous leaves? Mine is making tiny leaves and that kinda freaks me out a little. It's a cheap plant but I like it because it has intrigued me on getting it to grow right! It's a really mindboggling Nepentehs for me at least.
Yes. Instead of going into the kind of shock you would expect, stasis, it kept growing, only the first leaf to unfurl was about half as long as the other ones... The one after that is a bit longer, and the one unfurling now is probably gonna be a bit longer once its all said in done. Other than growing leaves, it still has that "Shocked" air about it... I hope the newest leaf pitchers, but of course, a live plant is also something to be thankful for... It still has a pinky pitcher from when it was in Joel's possesion...

Out of curiosity... The dark bright red pitchers... Are they lowers, or are the ones I see on google a differnet species? Heres a pic of what I see madagascariensis as in my head...


Yellow and Funnell Shaped... The contrast between our pictures is unbelievable. Is it because they are so overly dimorphic between upper/lower pitchers like eymae is?

I have a mad that has been a royal pain in the tooter as well.

Recently I added 2 Seven Inch fans to my lighting hood, and this is keeping my temps around 83 as a high, and high seventies at night, the mad seems to like it since its no longer turning a mottled weathered brown shortly after growing a new leaf now, quite the contrary, it's sending out new shoots from multiple dormant nodes...

and the temp is the only thing I changed... :-|
Same story, my mad recently got moved into much warmer and higher light area (swapped in sunsticks for some of the lights), it is now producing well and the pitchers have developed into the nice bright red color. Growing much faster and larger than before. I am going o be moving some other plants in to see if they appreciate it also.

In fact I looked at the picture again and it appears that the plant shown was recently under more intense light, th lower leaves appear to have been sunburned, mine had the same reaction until it got used to it, new leaves are back to green.

Mine is cold... Seventies during the day, sixties at night... :S
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ooh i have a madagascariensis too...my first nep~
and i just got my nep rafflesiana and judith finn! =]
i hope they do well~
But anyway, my mad is also very hard to care for. It hAs sent out like 3 new leaves since I got it a couple of months ago...
I hAd it about 80's but after i moved it to around the 70's it seems to be doing better....
but no pitchers yet!
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Greg those are Mad upper pichers.

Hmm.....perhaps this species likes high light levels and warmer temps? OR High light levels and low temps?
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"...Rajah is very easy to grow..."

I wouldn't call a plant "very easy", which requires some bottles of ice every night, a terrarium and artificial lightning, wouldn't you ?

Drosera capensis is _very easy_

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My bro-in-law has a Mad in a terrarium on the tray system under only 1 fluorescent light and it is a weed!!! Don't ask me to explain it
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The shots of the Madagascariensis & Rajah plants at Kew were taken by me on a UK CPS day trip there earlier this year.

Here are a few more shots behind the scenes:

Nepenthes Warm House Kew


One of several growing cabinets containing younger TC specimens

The day out was amazing, as until them I had never thought that Kew were that interested in CPs. The selection seen in their public glasshouses are small and not too impressive. So it was encouraging to see that there was such a great collection behind the scenes! Hopefully more of these specimens will be displayed in public soon.



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Where is this place?
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Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, Richmond, Surry, England. Their recent upsurge in interest in CP's is due to the efforts of a young horticulturist called Kathy King. Kath is originally from Australia and has completely turned the ailing Kew collection around. It's true that you wouldn't know it from the public displays.

Has anyone seen the new highland Nepenthes house at Atlanta Botanic Gardens yet? It's a multi M$ construction and should be well worth seeing when they have it stocked!
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I want that green house!
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I have been to the ABG Highland house quite a few times (and had some great conversations with Ron G.) The house itself was designed for their highland orchids but they have quite a few very impressive Neps and some absolutly stunning Heliamphora. They are still working adding new plants to the display but they have some beauties. I recommend it
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Well after being away from the house for 2 days on a weekend trip to the mountains I have returned and noticed the Mad to b looking better. It grows fine, but just the leaves are tiny.