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Lucky day!


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Well, it looks like I will be in the orchid forum some now, too. I was at my father's house today and I saw the man had terribly neglected his orchids!
Most of them were completely dead!
WELL! I asked my father what gives, and you know what he said? He couldn't be bothered with them once the flowers fell off!

So that turned out to be my good fortune! I was able to rescue to phals and one I can't id (I'll post pic so the pro's can id for me on Monday, if I remember). Anyhow, despite having no flowers, two are in remarkable good shap (at least it looks like it at a glance), and the other is rather wilted, but still green. I have hopes that I can save it.

So now I'm up to four orchids with the one I bought my wife....

Oh, boy....off the deep end.
Ya can't beat free!
Watch out though, you might catch Orchid Fever

Its gonna be hard to ID them without the flowers
Orchid ID can be difficult even with the flowers. There are thousands and thousands of hybrids with more being made everyday. The differences between them can be subtle. That's why I prefer to buy an IDed plant as the likelihood of getting a correct ID after the fact is slim.

But YAY for you Schloaty! I get 'em free like that too...people in the office who can't be bothered to re-flower them. Mostly I end up with phals as they seem to be the most popular for giving away as gifts. But heck, even un-IDed, a free orchid is a great orchid.

Glad you're coming on over to the orchid side. Hehe
Be prepared...it can get as bad as CP addiction. Tonite I need to go home and water about 50 orchids...