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Lucky Bamboo


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I have a friend who just got some 'Lucky Bamoo' and she was asking about cultivation and care. Since PFT used to carry it I figure someone here has grown in. Could you offer advice?


I have a lot of luck bamboo, though I've been told there is nothing lucky about it. It is just plain old bamboo. Anyway... I keep it in a glass jar w/ quarter size rocks, to keep the bamboo in place. Fill the jar up w/ water, and your set. It is the easiest plant to care for. It does not like a lot of sun, or too much shade. Indirect light is the best way to go. Good luck, I hope your friend enjoys, and hope they find some luck in the bamboo!
It is actually Dracaena instead of a real bamboo. Here are a few webs sites for her to check out.

Bamboo 1

Bamboo 2
I give them a bit of superthrive now and then. They also don't mind being in soil, and are really tough to kill.
Anyone know where to get real Bamboo?
There's a huge bamboo plant a few hundred feet from my house... and I also have a "dwarf" bamboo in a large pot. I personally don't like the stuff since it grows so d@mn fast. There are places online that sell lots of different kinds of bamboo too. Just do a search on google.

We get MASSIVE bamboo here, it's like 20cm (8 inches?) in diameter.
I used to have an aquarium stand built out of the stuff and making bamboo furniture is quite a big industry here.

There is tons of the stuff growing around the place but my attitude is similar to Joel's, it's a weed.

Cheers, Troy.
Yeah i agree with Troy and Joel. My aunt's neighbor grows that and its so massive and grows so fast they dont like it anymore because its like a weed.
There's some more care info on the Dracaena bamboo in the other 'bamboo' topic just bumped to the top. Check it out.