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Lucky bamboo


I was at work today and someone was complaining that her lucky bamboo was doing crappy. I came back half jokingly and told her to put it in miracle grow. Of course I got told by 2 other people that you can't do that. No prob heck I aint surprised I was only messin with her anyway but then I seriously suggested that maybe she might try some Superthrive. I have never tried it on it but heck if CPs can take it why not bamboo? Then I got told that that was wrong too
Ok is that true? cause I have a hard time believing that lucky bamboo is so sensitive that superthrive will kill it when mixed propperly.

One more thing I use rain water on mine just cause its convenient, but can they take regular tap water too? I guess I am too chicken to try.
i use tap water on my bamboo and it is still alive.
I have alot of bamboo!
I superthrived my mom's lucky bamboo

Didn't seem to hurt
I sometimes ise tapwater on mine. I remember that in regular household conditions, it didn't grow at all, but when I put it into my special growing room( temps in the 70's and humidity in the 60's with medium light) it actually started to grow. I even broke the thing once, and it developed new growth from a dormant node.
I added some SuperThrive to mine once. It greened the plants up nicely. I now need to add some more as the leaves are starting to yellow again.
Hi, I just wanted to say that I do Fertilize mine. I use "cactus Juice" at half strenght and it is doing wonderfully. Just remember to leech the growing media every 6 months or so.