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Hi all,

As you know I have had some health problems lately.  I was in the hospital on and off for a couple of weeks.  My daughter was supposed to water the plants, but in all the hub bub they were forgotten.  Could anyone help in replacing them.  I would be glad to pay postage or trade plants when they are healthier.

I lost
P. Moranensis Kirk Bright
D. bifida
D. filiformis Tracey
D. filiformis All Red (this were seedlings)
All my Brevifolia
All my capillaris
D. Green Dragon
U. uniflora
U. flaccida
U. Yog-soth
U. Alpina -yeah, I know that there is not much chance here.
U. Blanchetti
U. Livida Durban

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Laura has kindly already sent rotundiafolia.  Thanks again Laura.
You are totally in luck!  I just bought D. filiformis var. tracyii.  I am told it is being shipped out to me this coming Wednesday. I have no idea what size the plant is but you may have it. Get it to reproduce and send me back a plant in a few years. I also just recently ordered a P. moranensis.  It isn't a Kirk Bright but you are welcome to it and all you need to do is let me know if a "substitution" is ok?  That plant was purchased from a different nursery and I haven't received delivery confirmation as of yet so it may be a while. I might, not positive and will have to check my grow list, have seedlings of D. capillaris. If it is on my grow list, I will be able to send you seedlings. Gosh Rose, I am really really really sorry about your losses.
Hugs to you, Laura
If you do not mind waiting till I see if my D. filiformis All Red germinate, (just planted some today) I will send you the extra seed then.
Laura you have been more than wonderful already. You keep the plant and just send a pup when it comes. They spread readily.

Steve, thank you and I am more than willing to wait. Thanks to both of you.
I'll look in my bog and see if any capillaris survied the winter. I'll also look to see if the Green Dragon I put there can be divided. It's flooded right now, so give me a little time. The capillaris is a weed so you'll probably have offers of it before I can get it out of my bog. If not you are welcome to it.
Might be able to help in the Utric department. I'll PM you tomorrow after I look over the collection
I have D. brevifolia in flower as we speak. I might be able to help there.

Take care of yourself and don't worry.
Rose, i have plenty of U. calycifida 'Yog-sothoth' if yah want a piece let me know, your more than welcome to it.

I can send you D. capilaris if Ozzy doesn't have any. Ozzy, let me know.

Hope you are feeling better!

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I can literally send you back the D. capillaris (Albino) you sent me 13 months ago, if you would like. I also have a bazillion D. filiformis (all red) seedlings.
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Rose, sorry but I don't know what a pup is. You're on your own. I'd rather send you the whole plant and take my chances then grow it myself. The odds are far better that in time, you would be in the best position to send me a pup or whatever that is you were talking about as opposed to vice versa.

I have no seedlings of capillaris. It was another drosera that started with a c but it looks as if you'll have that covered.

Me generous... ha!  Just out of curiosity... how many plants have you sent out to the membership here to date? two hundred? three hundred? five hundred?  And seeds, how many packs of seeds have you sent out to all of us?  No need to answer that ;)
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lets see, personally i have recieved, i think, around 25 plants from Rose, in fact i think the 'Yog-sothoth' im willing to send her originally came from her. Rose is one of the greats on this forum, i only wish i had more of the plants on her list that i could send
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Copper I promise to send some brevs., filiformis ssp. tracyi 'Buck Pond', filformis 'all red' and capillaris with the slackii if you give me a few weeks, I need ot propagate.
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Hey Rose!

I have lots of D. capillaris, if you still need it.

How is the N. coccinea doing i sent you? Did it take?

I also have D. filiformis var filiformis, D. intermedia (temperate), and some D. rotundifolia.

And more U. livida and U. bisquamata than I know what to do with!
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PM me your addy and I will send you some of me best Sarracenia stock. I have something that you have not lost, but I think you will enjoy it.

Get well soon,
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Can help you with the D. brevifolia and D. capillaris in a couple of months hopefully. Somewhat tapped out at present but as soon as I have some of reasonable size you are welcome to them.
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I would appreciate it. The ones that you sent were the most beautiful I had and I feel terrible that they did not make it.

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Hey copper,

I could spare you some young sars, if you want...though I don't have anything on your list.
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Hi rose,

Any chance that I could help you?I have some spare seeds too:D

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Your seeds are always more than welcome and I would be very thankful for them.