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I am new to CPs and really have nothing to trade but cactus and succulents (Email me for my trade list if interested) I am looking for temporate droseras, pings, utric, and vft seed. I want to add the plants to my bog that I am just finishing in zone 7 Oklahoma, I will list specifically what I am looking for but if anyone has thoughts of something else that might survive my conditions I welcome the input. Here is my list of wants:

Drosera intermedia
D. routunofolia
D. anglica
D. linearis
D. brevifolia

Ping. Vulgaris
P. grandliflora
P. longifolia
P. macroceras
P. corisca
P. alpina
P. ramosa
P. villosa
P, vallisnerlifolia
P. pumila

Utric livida
U. subulata
U. bisquamata
U. dichotoma
U biflora
U. gibba
U. macrohiza
U. vulgaris


Also looking for any sarr seed

Like I said I only have cactus and succulents to trade but if you have any of these seeds email me and maybe we can work something out. Paul
im not sure if U. livida and bisquamata will survive in your area year round outdoors but if yah want some i can send you a plug of each to try. if you are interested in growing some Utrics indoors i can hook yah up with some ofe those too.
hey i think yah accidentally threw me on ignore or turned off you PM's. i cant send yah a new message.
The weather is to be very nice here for the next couple of days. If that is true, and it feels like it is, your package will go out today. Some can go out and some can not (at least not in the winter).
Hi Paul,

Unless you can provide cool conditions during the summer, most of the temperate pings on your want list will go into dormancy due to hot weather and this will create problems later on. The grandiflora and pumila are probably the easiest to grow.
P.ramosa is incredibly difficult to grow and I have not heard of many stories of successful cultivation of this species from Japan.
U.subulata is extremely weedy and will take over your bog...
U. gibba, U. macrohiza, U. vulgaris-These are aquatics and need very wet conditions.
D.linearis-lots of growers have trouble with this one...
Thanks CP2K, That is exactly what I need to hear, Paul