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Looking for replacement terrariums..


Hi all.. I finished my move to the states a while ago, and both of my terrariums were *broken* in shipment from Japan (and not insured
)... I'm trying to find something to replace them. If anyone has some, or knows where to get them please let me know. I'm looking for 90cm long ones because I already have lights of that length. I have looked around where I live, second hand shops, and places like that but they don't have anything suitable. If anyone has any tips, or something they want to sell on the cheap even, please let me know..


trashcan, what part of the u.s. did u move too???
I moved from Okinawa, Japan to Puyallup, Washington (sorta near Seattle). Pretty silly name, huh?
wow,kool life living on the rock, never got to go there when i was in the military but, i have heard some stories.

don't know any places right off had but, i do remember a couple of the members living in that neck of the wood from here.

hopfully some members will post that live in that state to help u out with finding a new tank.

what kind of plants u looking for?
I have tons of lowland plants, and still have some highland plants, so I'm not really looking for any more plants, just a way to take care of them. The lowland plants are probably coming back sometime in January, so I need to get organized before then. Worst comes to worst, I can try and buy them at PetSmart.. The kind I am looking at run about $80 each though unfortunately.
i bought one from pet smart a while ago to hold some fish in it was a 76cm tank and i got it for around 35-40 dollars. catch them on sale they can be some what affordable even this time a yr. prices should be going down with the holidays. well at least a little bit. hope ya find what ya are looking for.
You might want to try scouring you neighborhood. I found a 75 gallon tank on the street that someone was throwing out! I think free is the best deal you can find. Also, If you are pressed for time, and your plants aren't too big, you can make terrariums out of clear plastic jugs. I just used an Utz pretzel jug for one myself.
Ooh. Sounds cool. What about lighting? Windowsill? Or a mini light?
Just curious. Great idea, btw.

heck ya, drive around on garbage day and see what people throw out. heck, last week i found a 3 layer plastic water fall to add to a little pond i have out front. couple of months ago i got a 50 gal. fish tank with everything for it except for the filter. heck i'm always finding good stuff people don't want anymore that is in really good shape or at least needs a little repair. ride around on your bike or drive around you never know what u might find. you should be the one to know that since you user name is trashcan. o i forgot one thing i found a stage horn fern it was 1/2 dead but cut it off and it is growing great now.
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Check the local garage sales or "tag sales" in the neighborhood..you'll be amazed what you can find for super low prices! Good luck
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I've never liked the idea of a huge aquarium, so I use these:


They are much cheaper at Target - about half as much as Crate and Barrel charges.

You can fit up to 8 of these underneath the 4-ft lights, and depending on the size of your plants, you can put anywhere from 1 to 5 plants in each. It also makes it easy to move plants that require dormancy, a shorter photoperiod, or whatever. It also helps with other issues - I can mist my heliamphoras without my Pings getting peeved.
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I use a fish bowl and it fits up to four small plants in it. I got mine in the (strangely) arts and crafts section of Wal-Mart(a.k.a. Wallyworld