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Looking for pics/info on binata forms



I just received some of each, and I was under the assumption that these plants 'forked' more than once.

I know they are larger than D. binata...

And with the infinite information on the internet, I am unable to locate pictures of each plant. Only flowers

If anyone has information about these plants, and pics of them I would be happy!

Post them here, post a link, or Private message me.

Thanks guys/gals
Hey Jeff,

I have both and find that they seem to start the season branching only once develpoing more as the season progresses.

I grow mine in full sun and neither exhibits the flopping behavior shown in Dyflam's second picture (but I have heard that there are 2 forms of extrema so it is possible I have the upright form.)

I have a couple pics that I can send you too but that will have to wait till this evening.


Thanks for the pics D-man

The ones that I have are huge ( long wise; like a foot or longer ) great plants, but I just thought that branched/forked more than once per stem.

Thanks Pryo for the assurance that they will. I was hoping someone would say something like that.

I am digging the binata forms...and I am wanting the Marston Dragon that I have to branch out like mad so when we start up the school teaching I can have something really neat to share
And I think that that and some of the larger Neps and Sarracenia will do the trick!

I would love to see the pics Pyro when/if you have the time.

I think The Savage Garden has some pics, but they're all copyrighted blah, blah, blah, so I'll just show them to you when I get to visit, soon.
I saw a picture of one in the book, that was in a bonsai container, and it had like a bazillion forks!

If you plants are all long and floppy and only branching once it could be an issue of too little light. My bro-in-law has a multifida that he has been growing longer than mine but it is all floppy and only forks 1-2 times. We moved it outside and the next leaves were shorter and branched 4-6 times.

I've been thinking of the photos I have and they are not super so I might wait till tomorrow morning and click off a few more (for some reason the light in the morning seems to be best for photography.)

BTW, what are your thoughts on the other photos I sent you? Just curious.

these dews are from the stghorn famlily. Typically large, both dont require a dormancy.
I hate it when they flop. When i first got mine (marston dragon), they flopped. But now they're more upright, supported by other leaves. I find that the large mature plants fork many times while young ones fork once, like a typical binata. I've got several pics to show you, but I've got no server to upload to, so I'll have to email them to you.
Hi :

a plant shown at the 2nd European meeting in Gent :


plants from Ansgar Rahmacher (Wuerzburg)


I only grow the T-Form (sometimes it forms 4 ends)
bright light :


very bright light :


Sorry, not the best pictures....

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Man... a bug doesn't have a chance around those babies. Nice pics Martin.
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large plants do tend to flop. grow them in hanging baskets, they look great!!
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The second link Dylam provided looks like a 'Marston Dragon' picture taken at California Carnivores.  

I don't think the light requirement affects forking for all D. binata forms.  My experience with
D. binata dichotoma 'Giant' is that the leaf tips turn black in the sun.  I imagine this is from low(er) humidity, but reportedly a clone of this plant wasn't doing well in Florida either.  This may rule out the lower humidity argument.

I moved the dichotoma to the shade next to the D. adelae, which seems okay for it.  My multifida extrema seems to flourish in the indoor sunny location and has no black tips.  It does not fork more than once though, but it seems to be relative young plant.
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Jeff. If you really have trouble finding multifida or marston dragon you can contact me... I know a place that sells only In canada, but like you guys, I think they provide favours...

If they don't wanna send I can try to be a middle man for ya... I'm making a largish order with them later in the summer to sorta, fill my collection (i wont be the one keeping the plants ironically, i'm trading all the ones I order, hehehe)... What do you think?
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Hi Guys,
There are nine diferent clones of D. binata in cultivation here in the UK:
D binata T form
D binata CV, is the form that Martin posted his T form picture that forks sometimes into 4 but is described in Adrian Slack's book 'Carnivorous Plants'
D binata multifida (white flowers)
D binata multifida (pink flowers)
D binata multifida extrema
D binata T for large (yellow tentacles, robost leaf balde and occasionally makes a 4 pointed leaf.
D binata dichotoma small type
D binata giant type (always stands bolt upright for me&#33

D.binata x 'marston dragon'

I have heard about a yellow flowered form as well, but not yet confirmed in the UK.

I have all except the dichotoma 'small type' and I think no one knows for sure exactly what it looks like or has it even. personally I think it is a great Drosera, and underrated!
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never thought about a hanging basket.

That would be cool...

Now I just have to find a basket...
I have them in 6-8 inch pots that hang over my benches. They look great, and the only browning that I get is when I get a new one in trade
they grow out new leaves that are perfect!

I have some pics of some of the binata that I have, hopefully I can get them up ( along with others ).

Thanks for all the help guys!!

I really appreciate it!

I love binata, and I think that they do need more attention Mike.

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I love the forked sundews, they're my fav. Drosera, especially the Marston Dragon, gotta love them hooks.