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Looking for d. capensis "typical" or "wide leaf"

I looking for some large flowering-size specimens of Drosera capensis "typical" or "wide leaf", and I can trade the following rare Pinguicula cultivars. To following are the ones I can trade:

--P. x 'Pirouette'
--P. x 'John Rizzi'
--P. x 'morellia'
--P. x 'Weser'


I have one for trade

I would love the
P. x 'Pirouette'

Just a note:
There is no P.x'morellia'. It is moranensis from Morelia and not a hybrid.
I have all the Capes. I could send you some nice typical, red, alba, and possibly a wide. I am at work and will have to look. I will not be able to do so until the morning. I do not have any of the pings you are offering and would gladly trade for some. I also have D. Spat AWC-1 which I could throw in. I have several seedlings ready. The Capes are plants. The Albas, reds and Typical are all mature, flowering plants.