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Looking for a few people

Hi Guys:

Remember in June, when this site was down for quite a few days? It was mid month, and the site was totally down for 3/4 days... well, we're in a dispute with the hosting provider and we're looking for a few people who recall that event to email us a quick note that they in fact DO remember the time in mid june, and how severe it was.

If you would, please email us at cpinfo@petflytrap.com and sign the letter with your real name for our reference.

We're getting these together to fax to our credit card company to dispute the charges for the ISP for lack of service in which they've refused to refund us.

Thanks a bunch ya'll!
Dear Phil
I found the records on my mail folder and send an e-mail to you
funny I must use my other e-mail account as my mail server had crash

Hi Phil,

I don't recall the server down time, because I wasn't around in mid june. But if you are interested in a good host try www.tampa-isp.com.

I've been doing business with Glen for about two years. I was referred to him by a Friend that's had Glen hosting his site for about three years.

Glen's servers are fast and reliable.

My site is under construction (I work on it when I can), but if you would like to check out his servers: my site is at: http://www.fmcandles.com and my friends is at:

Glen is very helpful and knows his stuff. I haven't had any problem from him or his service.

Just a thought.


PS. I had alot of trouble trying to get here 2/3 days last week. The homepage would pull up, but the server wouldn't respond for the forums.