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lookin for some sticky pest control

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hey all, im looking for some real easy going dews (preferably capensis of any variety) to control a small fungus gnat population in my HL tent to avoid pesticides. looking for 2-5 plants. PM me and we can work out a trade.

thanks alot
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I have plenty of capensis to share, cover the postage and I will send a box.
I've got a huge mass of Drosera x tokaiensis.
Similar problem but bigger pests, flies. We are new at the growing of CPs and only got into it to help remove some of the flies around the barn area. Do the sundew get large enough to consume house flies ? Do they get full and stop catching more prey? Any ideas of how many plants to use, small barn that is completely open. All ideas appreciated, thanks.
Sundews still require a good amount of sun, so unless they're in a window or outside the barn, they may not do well there. Plus, carnivorous plants are adapted to catch as many bugs as they can, but only so they feed themselves, and will likely not make any real dent in a fly population, especially as a sundew has to be a rather large variety to catch flies, like cape sundews.