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Ok, Ive just put up my new greenhouse but I still dont have enough CP's to fill 2 greenhouses, and until I have completely paid for my holliday to Majorca I can't afford to buy anymore!
I was looking through the seed section at my local garden centre for something easy, quick and cheap to fill the space when I saw Loofah seeds! I was quite amazed because I thought they were an animal!
It says on the packet that they are quite easy to grow but It also says that they have to be dried. Anybody know how to dry a huge cucumber type thing without it going mouldy? If this works guess what everybodies getting for christmas next year!!!!!
I read how to do that years ago but I do not recall much of it, something about soaking the thing for a period of time, beating the tar out of it with a mallet, washing the rest of the soft stuff out then drying whats left. Or something like that. :biggrin:
Oh wow, thats kewl... That would be interesting to grow... My mom would have the best bdays ever with one of those growing in my house...
I've used 'em but never grown them. I didn't know you could grow them like any other plant. That's pretty cool. They sound like an interesting plant to grow. Maybe I'll keep my eye out for seeds.

I grew one once, but it only ended up at about six inches long. You leave them on the plant until they are ripe, then you peel off the skin and scoop out the seeds. I think you boil it as well! Quite a lot of work, but fascinating. I also grow squirting cucumbers which are fun.
HI G o e,
I traded for some Squirting cucumber seeds earlier this year. I cannot wait to see them go off!
Squirting cucumers? Explain... Plz?
Squirting Cucumbers (Ecbalium Elaterium) is a plant from the same family as the cucumbers, Marrows and Gourds etc. Its a small scrambling plant that develops oval, cucumber like fruit. As they ripen, they fill with fluid and eventualy immense pressure builds up inside the fruit. The slightest touch causes them to explode of the plant like a deflating balloon, squirting seeds and juice behind it! A fascinating plant, but from what I have read on the net is also somewhat toxic. The seeds can cause problems simply by just handling them. Still, I cant wait to try this unusual plant! As with most plants, its just a case of being careful.
Gardenofeden, When do you normaly start your plants off?
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easter, but they self seed in my veg patch and are coming up now!