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Live sphagnum moss

I have about 4 more Live sphagnum moss for shipping

my address in
Jeremiah Harris
712 Columbia Rd
Colorado Springs CO 80904

How much postage for how much sphagnum?
what is the benificial effect of live moss. Does it just look nice, or is it a ground cover for the dirt, or does it grow in the bog, or what.
do you have any left and if so could you send first class? ,thanks

Live sphagnum is a great meduim for just about all CP. Its natural acidity gives it superb antibacterial and antifungal properties when used as is for the larger growing genera like Sarracenia and Nepenthes or milled up in a food processor as a topdressing for smaller plants like Drosera and Utricularia. It looks nice, but it is also an indicator of good conditions; if the moss grows the plants will too. If the moisture levels get too low, the moss will appear dry at the tips: a great clue that humidity or watering needs to be addressed. Its a great base for the bottom of pots (keeps the peat mixes from washing out of the holes). I honestly have not found a CP that will not grow in this medium, although some do better in other mixes. Milled moss is a good seed starting medium. It's also the best packing material I know of, keeping plants moist and protected when shipping. I couldn't live without it. I think it should run for president.
sorry I do not have any left I might have some later this year

sorry about that