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Live Moss?

Hi, I've gotten a couple of plants from home depot and they are all in live sphagnum moss. It looks dead though, so I was wondering what does it look like when it's alive and does it need anything special to keep it alive. Mine looks just kind of brownish green and it looks like a whole bunch of tiny rotting noodles. Does that sound alive to anyone else? Thanks.
Nope that doesnt sound alive to me
But then again I got some from home depot and they were in the same stuff and after awhile it did come back alive. How is the plant looking? I'd keep the plant in the required conditions and keep a close eye on it just to make sure the moss doesnt go rotten. The moss should be fine and hopefully perk up
Only repot the plant as a last resort and you have no other choice not just because it could go into shock but because the roots are going to be tangled into the moss and hard to get out so there could be some breakage
Look at the bottom of the pot and see if its moss all the way thru sometimes its just a real thick top layer.
Sounds dead to me.

One nice thing I have found about dried sphagnum moss, when used in a terrarium, it will start to grow. This suprised me the first time I planted a carnivorous terrarium. About 4 weeks after I planted the terrarium, the moss started sending up new growth. The sphagnum mixture also sprouts dozens of ferns, which start to take over and must be pulled out.
It's appears to be all sphagnum moss. How do you tell if it starts to rot? Will it be very obvious? If I repot will I have to remove every bit from the roots or will it be okay if the part around the roots stays just to prevent as much shock as possible? Thanks a bunch-Shauntell