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Little pests in my VFTs home....

What are these and should I be worried?
I just noticed them today as I was "cleaning" up any dead leaves etc. and when I moved some of the potting medium--there are little crawling "fly" (though I don't think they fly) like bugs crusing around.
Now--I am not one that likes these little bugs--beneficial or not and would not like them to make home in my assortment of cacti that is bug free (or for that matter--my home).
Or do they just live in the moist conditions that VFT prefer?
Either way I would like them to be GONE.
I'm gonna try looking up what they may be and how to get rid of them--if I find more I will post but has anyone else have this happen???
OK--I think they may be Fungus gnats and little mites(?)(thats the closest resemblance I found)--which wouldn't be bad if my plants were outdoors. I still don't want them.
Treatments I read so far include...
Drying out the soil....
and some pesticides(of course).
Anyone have this problem???
I just pushed the soil around a bit with a toothpick and they sure are there!!!

OK--so another "remedy" I noticed was to "drown" them out.
Reading posts I see that, at least for a little while, this shouldn't hurt my plant. I will try that tonight and hopefully someone here will have better ideas.
I'm gonna stop up at the shop I got it from tomorrow anyways.

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Hey Shaggy

First off let me WELCOME YOU

I haven't been around much since we have been moving.

The bugs in your soil are either spring-tails or fungus gnats. I am thinking that they are fungus gnats.

They will not harm any other plants. They prefer moist soils ( that is why they are in the VFT ).

You can drown them out, or you can get a sunew or butterwort. They will take care of them.

Other than that, I really don't know of a pesticide that will clear them up. Plus there are not many things that these plants can take.

I would opt for the eco-friendly way first. Then go from there.

Getting a Sundew or Butterwort will clear them up very quickly.

Hopes this helps and good luck

Let us know what you do.
Thanks for the welcome Jaie! I've really been enjoying the forums here and the site in general.
Heres what happened so far.....
I put my plant under distilled water in a mixing bowl just bigger than my plants pot. It was held under by 2 spoons, as it did want to float a bit. This was about 11
0 p.m. last night. I checked it about 10 min. later and them little "bug"gers were not happy with all the water over them. I right away noticed maybe around 6-10 of them "skimming/hopping" around on the water surface. Also there was one little trap a bit above the water that was used as a refuge for a couple (so I put it under with the help of another trap holding it down). I then put a cover over the bowl and called it a night (oh yeah--this was all done in my kitchen sink--so I ran hot water around the mixing bowl so the coldness of the water being in a cold sink wasn't too harsh for my plant).
I took it out this morning so it was under water a little over 9 hours. Kinda shook and gently squeezed the pot to get out the excess water. It's been under it's lights now for maybe 2 hours and after poking around just now, I've not noticed anything moving. I think I got the adults (who knows about eggs etc.), but it's really too early to tell. I will post again though!!!
I like your idea with the Sundew/Butterwort help. If the adults are eaten--then there can be no more eggs.
I've been reading a bit on these plants now and am unsure what ones are best suited for the environment I have right now.
My plants (mostly cacti and "air" plants) are in an un-used closet on a large tray with a shop-light(4 ft. bulbs--1 sun-stick and 1 cool white). I'm going to add another light set-up if I get these new plants.
What would you recommend???
Thanks for the help!
I would recommend Drosera adelea, Drosera spathulata, Pinguicula primuliflora, those are 3 plants that are very easy to take care of.

There are others, but some are harder to find, and harder to grow.

What you can do, since these plants will need higher humidity than your VFT, is to leave a cover on it during the day, so that it can get the humidity it needs and the 'dew' on the leaves.

Then at night you can take it off and let it do its thing.

That way, you will retain the humidity and the plant will be fine.
How much humidity are we talking? (right now the area averages over 70% humidity)
Also--I've nothing built so therefore I would have nothing to put them in /cover to get the humidity up.
Would one of those "Jungle pot" terrariums work for this (though I'd like to keep the plant potted)? And if so-would creatures still be attracted to the plant that is in this tank??
Any other ideas?
Thanks again jaie!
--I noticed the 4-leaf clovers for sale.
Pretty neat! I'm assuming those are pretty easy to care for??
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