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Little help here?

Aug 12, 2003
Ok...we have had trap now about 10 days. started off and I think possibly overfead it flies. Ate about 4 and traps cycled thru, digested most of the flies and reopened. Now we gave it a break but I notice that when we try to feed it now, you have to work to get traps to close and they seem a little slower closing. Been keeping it watered well, still in plastic box it came in without the top and we take it outside during the day as someone stated they like the breeze and full sun. It has been hot here and traps kinda lost their pink color on the inside. Any suggestions? Should I start to worry yet? Thanks G.H.

vft guy in SJ

VFT and Drosera lover
Jun 30, 2003
Merced, California
Hi Greg Welcome to the forums.

Where is "here"? In many cases VFTs can be left outside 24/7. A small loss of coloration is not really a concern, especially after only 10 days. Most likely this is a result of the plant aclimating itself to your specific growing conditions. As long as it is still producing new growth from the center of the plant it is doing ok. Also I do not believe it is really possible to "overfeed" a vft as long as it catches its own prey. My VFTs grow outside 24/7 and eat like starved pigs. It is very rare for a trap to remain open longer than a day or 2. Several of my traps have 2 and even 3 dead fly "trophies".
For the most part, from the info you provided, I would say you are doing ok. Pretty much my "rule of thumb" is if the temps break 95F then move your plants into the shade. That and fill the water trays should be all you need to grow a very healthy VFT.

Good luck with your plant