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little black lines

my lutea has developed little black lines on the leaves. I don't know how I could better describe them Anyone know if it's a bad thing or not? If so what to do and if not what the $%@# is it?
I don't know. I doubt it because they just appeared. They weren't there when I got the plant. Do lutea show veins later after the plants develop more? Also they are not in a normal vein pattern. They are kind of sporatic and face in every direction. They are also increaing in amount day by day. Anyone know what this is. Wierd infestation maybe?
if it spreads daily (hmm..reminds me of the Zerg Creep in Starcraft..) it could be a fungus, but i have never heard of one with long lines.
I don't know what leaf borers are and what to do about either problem if that is the problem. The lines are about a cm. long adn are only on the tops of the leaves, but you can see them through the bottom. Does that help at all? Any one please?!
Leaf boreres are little larvae that drive around inside of the leaves of plants... They leave tunnels... Usually though, they are extensive, and very snakey...
I have seen little, well actually, quite long worms on the inside of the plastic cup on top and in the water near the drianage hole, but they are really long compared to the black lines, probably 3cm. long and they have black heads and are yellowish cream in color. Also, I haven't seen any that are alive on the leaves and I would think taht worms this long you would see chowin'. Maybe they eat only early in the morning or something? What can I do if it is worm borers. What do I do if it's a fungus?
Hmmm..try emailing Peter D'amato about how to control em. He seems to noe everything lol.
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How do I e-mail him? Is his e-mail adress on his book? Does anyone know it?
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Just an update on my little ping. The guys at the California Carnivores didn't know what it was, but my ping seems to be doing really great now. It is no longer spreading and the new leaves do not seem to be getting any yet. So I guess it will always be a mystery but I don't care as long as my plant is happy. Thank you all. Shauntell