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I've had 6 lithops for about a year now. Do they need any special care? Recently one split open, and a new one is growing up from the inside. What do I do? Just leave it alone? Will the skin that split shrivel up and die, or is this how it reproduces? How often do they flower? Does anyone know where I can find helpful information about these plants?
well I have 13, 2 very rare, and the rest I'm not sure on

I water them from the bottom, and let them soak for half a day. Only do this if it's bright and sunny so they can dry. Then 1.5-2 weeks later they can be watered again. As for flowering, It has to do with daylight (photoperiod), but to confirm details, do a search on google or yahoo. there is a lithops care sheet on this site, and it's pretty extensive. try looking back a little in this forum, there was some good info in: Lithops help ASAP! Just my $0.02
Thanx... I read the info in this site regarding lithops, and it is helpful. I purchased my guys in these mini 1.5" ceramic pots. Should I replant them? How do you know when it is time to replant? Are the tempermental when repotting?

I mentioned one guy split, and has new growth forming. Considering that it isn't fall, does that mean I am overwatering? and should I stop water that one plant until the split plant shrivels?

Thanx again
you probably should stop watering, just until it's done. I just consolodated fron 3 pots to one big(ger) one. If I were that good with digital cameras, i would post a pic.
 glad i helped
... well, the name hints...