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Lighting choices

Ok, I'm reevaluating my window options. I live in an apartment, so outside isn't an option. But I have 3 windows to choose from. An East facing window that gets sunlight from sunrise to about noon. A south facing window that gets sunlight from 12:30 pm to about 3 pm and a west facing window that gets filtered light (through trees) from about 4 pm to sunset.

Right now I have it on the south facing window sill, but I'm thinking about moving it to the east facing. What do you guys think? Is more morning light better than some intense noon light?

Of course I could move it during the day, but I always risk closing traps and I'm lazy.
I would pick the east window (of course its better if you could keep them outside till winter).
Yeah, I didn't notice the degree of lighting difference till I was home this weekend and paid attention of it.  So the plants have moved to being above my kitchen sink.  At least it will give me incentive to clean out my sink (or not, it attracts flies right?
)  I wish I could put it outside, but I'd be afraid somebody would walk off with it.  And my only outside balcony is very shaded by trees (no better than west facing window).

I think where I had it was ok, as the plants didn't seem any worse for wear, but I just wanted to make sure I'm helpping them as much as possible.