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Lighting and small trap question

Jan 7, 2002
As it is hard to get good sunlight at my place due to the amount of trees we have in the garden, I've started using artifical lighting. I have one of those blue grow blubs and it is on for about 10 hrs a day(winding down for dormancy) Now my traps are growing small traps. Is this a sign of the up and coming dormancy or bad lighting?. The light is 30 cm from the traps. I think that might be a little close.
Dec 8, 2001
Oswego, New York, U.S.A.
If you are using a screw in incandescent grow bulb, my advice is forget it and get a shop light woth 2 40 watt bulbs.  The incandescents do not have the correct spectrum despite what the package says, and the light is insufficient to grow Dionaea well.  Plants need to be within 5-6 inches of the tubes for good growth they are high light plants, otherwise the leaves will be stretched out and the traps will be small. The incandescent type light gets too hot for this.  

(Edited by Tamlin Dawnstar at 1:12 am on April 29, 2002)
Mar 2, 2002
I don't think that it's coming into dormancy. You'll know that it's coming into dormancy when the leaves will grow wide and short until growth will stop. I think you have a lighting problem...
I use 2 screwable LP (like florecent) lamps with a reflector*. One 26W and the other 32W. both about 20cm over the plant. this has done wonders to my Nepenthes and a very good job with my VFT.

*To achieve reflector, I took a regular aquarium lamp, took the florecent fixture out, put 2 holes in the sides, and installed 2 screwable lamp-holders. very easy and very cheap.