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Jan 30, 2003
Quebec city, Qc, Canada
Here is a picture of a Nepenthes I had 4 years ago:


Anyone has an idea of what it can be? I receive it from the Botanical Garden, with no label at all. It is a very fast (almost furious!) grower, and the main vein on the leafs usually turn red with good light. It is very easy to grow, pitchers easily, even more than N. alata, x coccinea and ventricosa in my experience, and seems to be very resistant: I succeed to grow it in pure peat moss in a water tray without problem...

I, unfortunatly, don't have this plants anymore, but I found yesterday a grower in Quebec which have the same plant, but we both don't know anything about its ID. I have no idea if it is an hybrid or not, but some younger pitchers (not shown in the photo) looked very alike N. khasiana in Slack's book.

Any idea?

This second one, I received it labelled as N. maxima 'Superba'


Nice plant, but I doubt a little about the ID (as usual) (I don't still have this plant either). I looked to BobZ's CP Photo finder, and found some Nepenthes hybrid with this parent, but also found one called N. x mixta 'Superba', which look similar too... Any idea?
Oct 12, 2001
Far Away NY
Hi Tom,

The first looks like a N. maxima x alata type thing.. bout as specific as I can venture a guess.

The 2nd isn't pure N. maxima.. I would venture N. maxima x fusca. I don't think N. mixta, the pitchers seem way too narrow and the triangular pointed lid looks like N. fusca influence.

Aug 11, 2003
It is definitely not Mixta Superba. Which Botanical Garden did the original plant come from?
Did the pitchers ever get much larger than those in the picture?

It may be a maxima, but most likely it is a maxima hybrid. I notice they are all upper traps in the photo, and many forms of true maxima do not have such nice looking upper pitchers. Typically they are small and plainly colored. There are exceptions, however.
Typical maxima hybrids would be N. xBalmy Koto or N. xRokko, both of which are thorelli x maxima.
Again, hard to say exactly what...there's so many maxima hybrids...

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