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Leaf cuttings

I took leaf cuttings from my VFT. I pulled the leaf down to get some of the white part, 1 of the leaf cuttings has roots. I heard that they can grow from placing the ends in water. I planted the ends about .5cm deep in 50/50 peat/sand. and into the terrarium. Did I do everything right? For anyone who has done this, how long will everything take?
Thanks, Joe

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sounds right to me...

but ive yet to try a vft cytting so what the H do i know...

i was going to try it also, but im already running out of room for the ones i have!

lemme know how it goes...
I've made a D. rotundifolia cutting just by taking the leaf, and placing it on top of water in a petri dish. It sprouted baby roots within days. Does this work with VFTs?
VFT sprout babies from the white part of the base not from all over the leaves like drosera. I've heard that you can also sprout young ones if the base of the VFT is in water is a petri dish.
yea, my roots sprouted from the base of the petiole.
i place my vft cutting's face up with the trap cut off, on top of a mixture of 50% peat, 25% sand, 25% fine grain spag moss, and in about 3 weeks under lights they should develop gemnae like buds forming ontop of the leaf, the buds will grow bigger bigger and bigger and the open up and start spewing traps out left and rigth (tiny traps) as soon as they seem big enough to you, transplant the leaf cutting or just leave it in the mother pot unil you can individually seperate them.

hope i helped
Thats what it is !! I've noticed a round little green thing next to my Vft. It came when i was repotting it and cut off a bit of bulb because it looked like it was rotting. Now i know its a little Vft. How long will it take to grow a trap ?
I prepared a leaf cutting of Royal Red VFT yesterday (illegal I think because of the patent, but I'm sure you can't copyright nature
). I'll let you know how I get on.
Alvin, did you get your royal red from Triffid Nurseries ? If so how big is it ? I got mine from there yesturday and it is pretty small, about 3-4" in diameter. It is very healthy though, so i might do a few cuttings once it recovers from the stress of being delivered and repotted.
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It's still early in the season, VFT are just coming back from dormancy. They'll be much larger for summer

And thanks for all who helped so far! I was wondering whether or not I should leave the traps on or not. I wasn't sure if it would still root without it or something. One of the prey my Venus flytrap caught escaped and all the traps seem to be opening. It's just gross looking at the half digesting things when I check the cuttings. Yuck! Now I can remove them.. YAY!

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Dave - I got my R.R. from Mike King and like yours it's 3-4" in diameter. It's got 6 traps (it had 7 but I took one off for propagation) and the biggest is 1" long. I'll scan it later, along with my South West Giant and post it up.
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To dave:

in about a month and a half they should be spittign some tiny traps out
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Alvin - Your Royal red looks increadibly similar to mine. It was delivered on saturday, so only now the traps are opening. I don't think the Royal Red grows as large as a normal Vft, but I am not sure. Anyone have a large Royal Red ?