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Leaf cutting question



I how to properly take care of a flytrap for the most part. I've had one for more than a year grown from a bulb and i believe it is doing very well.
But I want to get another flytrap growing. How exactly would I properly perform the "leaf cutting" technique? I've read some ways of doing it, but I sounds like it's going to kill the plant from pulling a leaf from the roots. Thanks!
You won't harm the plant if it is large and healthy. The main risk is with digging up the plant and disturbing it.
Just tug a trap downwards, taking with it as much of the white base as possible. Then lay it on some sphagnum peat and cover it lightly. Leave it someone warm and cover with a propogator lid to keep humid. In a few weeks, small plantlets should appear which can be potted up when they are big enough.