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Leaf cutting and germination

Hi there,

When I got my pitcher plants, some of the leaves are dying or hard. For my VFT's, I simply pluck the leaves. Do I do the same with these pitcher plants? What's the average amount of leaves a plant will have? I hear that sometimes, they grow flowers. If I wanted seeds, should I rub one flower head up against another flower head? Thanks.
For pitcher plants (and all plants really) just cut off dead parts. The amt. of leaves depends on the species, my S.rubra has ~30, and my S.leucophylla has 2. They do flower if they are mature, and to get seeds (look in the savage garden for a drawing) take pollen off the anthers on the top inside of the underhanging flower, and deposit it to the pistils on the top edge of the "dish" bottom. I know that probably didnt make any scence at all, but it helps to see a photo of it

Hope this helps!