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Lacps pics!

  • Thread starter larry
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Click here and choose the "2-15-03" link.  If geocities says I'm over the limit, it means too many people are hitting the site.  Just check back later.  Enjoy!
You can see Leo Song in the last two pics  
I like them!! When is the next LACPS meeting?And where do you go? I might, just mightbeable to go, (1-100) Thanks for the pics,
Kevin, the LACPS is in Los Angeles (well, Alhambra actually). It looks like you live in WA so that could be a problem
Great pics(of a great meeting) as usual
dang, that was a really awesome ceph!
Wow! I `m sure that those were great meetings!
well im going to be down near Los Angelas in 2 months, just wondering where it was,