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keeping fungus out of tank

I recently set up a 10 gallon tank with a few venus flytraps in it. I have a plantbulb for there lightsource and so far they seem to be doing ok. The bulb is a 50watt bulb.

Thing I am wondering about is how do people keep there tanks from getting fungus and other nasty stuff in them? I have heard good ventalation is good but I don't really know of a way to get that while keeping it humid at the same time? The enclosure pretty much covers it completely but there is a few small area's that im sure lets air out.
You should be worried about getting a fungus outbreak in a closed terrarium. Something like this just happened to RamPuppy with his beautiful terrarium, and I think that something similar also happened to Tamlin a long time ago.
I don't have a VFT terrarium, but I do have a highland Nepenthes one, which is similar. I keep the air moving with 2 computer fans that I connect to a 12VDC power supply. The humidity does go down a little, but not enough to really cause a problem. A more Lo-tech solution would be to just leave the terrarium lid open just a bit at some point during the day so that some of the air can move around. VFTs don't need 100% humidity all the time, so don't be too worried about that.


I think that you'll get more responses in the VFT discussions, so I'm moving the thread there.
I think I will just try opening the lid on it at night then. I usually give it about 10 hours of light (and humidity) a day. Then when I get home from work I turn the light off. So I will just open it up at night and hope that is enough.

If some should start to appear would that cleary fungus stuff on this site take care of it?
You can also spray with Cleary3336 it is a great fungicide.

Not adding a lot of water to your tank unless you NEED it is another thing. Many people will water regularly, and it isnt' necessary. If you have lights on and you see condensation on the glass...you have enough water. I would check your plants like every week, but also check the soil b4 you water.

Other than that, air flow ( fresh air too ) is important. Stagnant air that is mosit will produce mold/fungus. If you keep fresh air in, you will be better off.

Plus Venus flytraps NEED air flow. SO it is important that you give it to them.

Opeing the lid at night will work....if you have a small fan, that will help to. run it when you have the lid open.

The next best thing to do is just to watch your tank. Keep an eye on it to make sure that it is cool