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just out of curiosity...

if i add some blue food coloring to the water, and give it to a sarr, would the pitchers take on a blue tint? food coloring isnt supposed to have anything harmful in it, so would that be possible? it works with some non cps (flower cuttings). i dont have a sarr yet, but if its safe, i want to try it
I have no clue, but I don't think it would be harmful to the plant unless it had some odd effect on the digestive enzymes. I doubt it though. That would be really pretty if it turned the plant a bluish tint. You should try it and if it works post a picture. Good luck. Shauntell
Well, food coloring is supposed to be non-toxic (for humans&#33
but I can say that it slowly killed off my sea-monkeys, so I really wouldn't try it with your plant unless you're willing to take a potential casualty
Well, us humans don't die from drinking tap water or mineral water but many of these plants do. In the same way, just because food coloring is harmless to us doesn't mean it's harmless to them. So make sure you propagate your plants before you try this experiment, in case they die.

If it works, though, it would be the coolest thing.
ill look at the label on the bottle for the ingredients. i might order a judith hindle today for tomorrow, and i'll propagate them just in case it dies. if food coloring is dangerous, then is there any natural dyes? like the stuff jeans were dyed of. i dont remember what it was, but it was from a plant.
I believe jeans were dyed with indigo a long time ago, like when they made them out of hemp
I'm sure they use chemicals now.