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Just a question...


This brings back old memories... when I was 13 years old, I owned a Common Venus Fly Trap, but only for a week. I bought it at a grocery store, and it was, though I didn't know it then, very unhealthy. In fact, the insides of the trap weren't even pink... It died within the week, even after I fed it a fly, hoping that would perk it up.

I felt very bad, and blamed myself for it. However, I'm 21 now, and realize that some things are just that way. I would love to try again....

But, I have a question... If I decide to get a fly trap, would it be okay if I put it in something like this (PetsMart.com - Kritter Keeper)? Or would that be unsuitable for my (prospective) fly trap?

I live in Arizona, if that helps, and I am a chashier @ Petsmart (where I can get live crickets and that Kritter Keeper), and a limited budget (college, don't you love it?) Any advice?
That would be fine to keep your plants in as long as it is deep enough for the roots. I know they carry a bunch of different sizes there since I go there all the time so skip the teeny one and go with one of the larger ones since you are going to have to add soil. Personally Id put the soil about 4" with a layer of perlite at the bottom. Hang around Im sure others will come up with some more suggestions. Im not the greatest with terrariums.

Had to smile when I saw the kritter keeper.  I got this picture in my mind of the VFT excaping from it's Keeper to chase after household pets and small children.  Sorry, I've been up 18½hrs on 5 hrs sleep and I'm to old to be doing that.  Anyway, in answer to your question, Yes.  It will be big enough (the 103/8" x 12") to keep a VFT in.  I might suggest, assuming the VFT you get is in a 3" pot, that you keep the VFT in the pot, and place the plant & pot in the critter keeper.  You can hide the pot by covering it with Long Fiber Sphagnum moss.  The reason I suggest this is that it will avoid transplant shock and come fall, your VFT will be easier to prepare for dormancy in a 3" pot than in a Kritter Keeper.  This is if you use the refridgerator methode for dormancy.
Actually, there is one at the PetsMart I work at that's about 1.5 gallons, big enough for a gold fish. It's a Kritter Keeper as well.

And I need to let the little guy grow first before thinking about transplant... which brings the question... what is the maximum size can the plant be in the 3 inch pots before I must transplant him?

Added: *chuckles* It's okay. I think of worse. I mean, It would be fun to have a HUGE Venus Fly trap on my counter to swallow the unsuspecting rude customer.... *hee hee*
When to transplant. That has several answers depending on who you talk to. Some will tell you it should be done every two years or so to replace the peat with fresh, some say only transplant when the plants get too crowded or the roots start comming out the drainage holes. It's best to do transplanting in the spring as the just as the VFT is coming out of dormancy to minimize transplant shock. Their roots are sensitive to being messed with and shock can take weeks or months for them to recover from.

As they grow, VFTs tend to send out offshoots, so don't be too suprised if your one becomes three, becomes seven, etc.
*nods* Now, about Dormancy, how long exactly do I keep it in dormancy when I put him in there? I know I'm asking a lot of questions, but as I said, my experiance is next to nill.

I wish I'd thought of a Kritter Keeper when I bought a container for my plants. I bought a five gallon aquarium instead, but I can't complain since it's working fine so far (although I've only had them a few days). I live in Arizona too, so I imagine we will be presented with the same problems. My only problem right now is finding the right amount to keep the lid open to gather some humidity without suffocating or cooking the plants. If you come across anything that seems to work particularly well for you, let me know. I'll do the same for you. Good luck!

Thanks for your help, everyone!
I will definately look into getting another fly trap. I would have to get it before Summer hits though... so that the trap won't get nuked.

Unless... does anyone know what Pet Fly Trap charges for Over-night shipping? With Az being so hot, even in spring, I don't want to risk having a crispy critter for a fly trap when I get him.


As far as helping you out, I'll try.

P.S. I have one more question.... How long must I keep the plant in "dormancy?"
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On average, 3 months is what most people have recommended and is what I use. Two months will do in a pinch.