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Just a couple terrs of misc plants .........

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carnivorous plants of the world -- unite!
90 gal

55 gal

Absolutely Gorgeous!
'Pretty. The landscaping is very effective and eye-catching. Any chance for some close-ups of the plants? I can't but help wonder what is blooming in the middle of the 55 gal.
Pictures aren't the greatest, BM, sorry about that. Camera doesn't like the cfl lighting it seems. Both tanks look better in person. AVs are the big bloomers you are seeing in both tanks.

55 gal

The orchid plants hanging on the tepui are not normally there. They're just growing out a bit before they get sold off to a middleman. (I don't have plants to offer frequently enough to bother with Ebay or anything like that. So on the occasions when I do have extras, I either trade them off or sell them to a kid I know who sells a lot of plants to dartfrog folks.)

90 gal

Thanks for indulging me. It looks great!