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judith hindle

are they easy to care for? im thinkning about putting them either inside with a flourescent light on them, or outside on the patio. it gets direct sun all day (VERY bright sometimes). i currently have my vfts outside also, and they are doing great. if i order them from this site, about how many pithers are there? are any of them mature? im asking this because im thinking that bugs may damage the pitchers if they are not fully mature...i havent seen any posts on that issue so i dont know. thanks
Hi Trapper, I got a Judith hindle this spring and its growing great. It has good color even in indirect light. I think its a great plant to grow and would recommend it. Also, a plant doesn't have to have mature pitchers to catch food, I have a S.r.rubra with pitchers about as wide as these letters and they have food in them. Jack
I would recommend that you keep Sarracenia outside in bright light. If you use flourescent lights, only part of the pitchers tends to be lit and it can lead to a lot of problems.