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John Brittnacher Appreciation Thread

Every dealing I've ever had with John Brittnacher, despite never having met him in person, has been fantastic. He is just so nice and knowledgeable.

Almost 10 years ago I first encountered all his ICPS grow guides and through those he was just as instrumental in teaching me to grow CPs as The Savage Garden. I am sure many others can say the same. He has been a mentor for many CP enthusiasts and really studied and pushed the boundaries of CP horticulture. Also factoring in all he does for the ICPS with the seedbank... just an amazingly influential individual on the CP movement.

I invite anyone with anything to share about John to post here, even if it's just to show a token of appreciation for anything you've received or learned from him.
I agree with you, the grow guides have been very helpful, although I only found out about them about a year ago. I'm currently following his advice for growing Drosera regia. I like how he groups the plants into different groups a lot of the time, like alpine Pinguicula and Mexican Pinguicula.
He has been one of my mentors and benefactors. He shares ideas, plants and his time. A more precise, neat and orderly person I have never met
John deserves a huge thanks from everyone in the cp community. He has devoted years of time and energy to the UC Davis collection as well as to the ICPS seedbank and many articles. He's an unfailingly nice and helpful guy to boot. Certainly I appreciate all the work he's done and continues to do, theplantman is spot on to have started this thread. I'm unaware of the ICPS offering awards to long time dedicated members, but I do think John, along with Bob Ziemer and others, deserve formal recognition from the society for distinguished and exemplary service.
Agreed, John has been an immense help in all my dealing with the ICPS seedbank and other functions, and has even helped me figure out a few misidentifications in my collection. Always polite and friendly in any correspondence. And certainly, the other ICPS/CPN supporters need recognition I agree.
I am in complete agreement with the previous posts. John is one of the rare individuals who has a wealth of knowledge and then works very hard to share that knowledge with as many people as possible (with no thought of personal remuneration). In addition, his dedication to the ICPS seedbank is incredible and goes far beyond just receiving seeds, packing and shipping them out (not that those functions aren't incredible on their own). I know that I appreciate everything he has done for the carnivorous plant world, for ICPS & for me personally.
John B. amazes me with his energy and ability to write and perform other services in conjunction with the ICPS. He has always been more than generous to me and I know of no one who has his comprehensive understanding of CPs, which he shares so willingly and to such great effect. He is an avid researcher and the whole community benefits from this as well. He keeps the ICPS seedbank the gold standard for CP seedbanks. Here's to you, John!
Thanks for the kind comments. But this is beginning to sound too much like an obituary. There have been too many of those lately.
Of course, we could always publish pre-obituary obituaries. No need to wait until a person dies to feature them in CPN. Perhaps a series of Important Contributors to the Weird World of Carnivorous Plants. All that is required is that someone write the contribution(s). Such remembrances are historically reserved for retirement or resignation. Many people are reticent to be singled-out for their on-going work, and, there is less likelihood of embarrassment if the featured person is dead.
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Of course, we could always publish pre-obituary obituaries. No need to wait until a person dies to feature them in CPN. Perhaps a series of Important Contributors to the Weird World of Carnivorous Plants.

If that should happen, Bob, you would certainly be one of the first featured.