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Jade plants


Staff member
Hi Folks,
My jade plant is sending out roots every which way. I have already taken 4 cuttings from it (roots already there for me), and I can probably make another 30 or 40 (no, I'm not exagerating). Anyone have any interest? The cuttings are going to be sized for a three inch pot in most cases, some will be smaller.
This plant is NOT carnivorous (for anyone who was wondering), it's just an attractive, easy to grow succulent.
When my mom prunes her jade... if she took a cutting(which she doesn't) for everytime she cut a branch off, she could give enough cuttings to about 50 people.
They are sooooo easy to grow. They can go for neglect for a pretty good while. The only thing I don't like is if you give them too much water they are prone to rot. It is pretty hard though. Just wet the soil enough to get it thorough and then let it dry out and so forth and so on. Hope lots of people trade for it is a handsome edition to your front porch or whatever.

Hehe, i'll take a root.
Make some Jade root beer or something.
Hehe, i'll even send the stamps this time.