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It's Just Me

Just thought I would take a moment to introduce myself. I am Andy North. I will be 62 onJan.m18th, 2024. I work for one of the largest distributors of wire. All types of wire from the thinnest to massive cables used in all sorts of industry. Also a huge DC for everything from wire to CCTV equipment to bottled water, we ship it all.
I got in to CP's a few years ago when my wife bought me a venus flytrap from Walmart. I was impressed with it so I went back and bought a couple more. Well, knowing nothing about them, I thought when they went dormant they were dead. I left them alone and did not water or anything and then this last year one of them somehow had survived and actually flowered, then died due to neglect not long after that. Fast forward to last summer. The one that flowered actually produced viable seeds that I got several babies to come up. It was at that point I decided to research more about them and I then discovered Sarrs, Neps and Drosera. My son bought me a Sarracenia Flava and after that and doing lots of research I was hooked.
Then we get to this year. Jan 9th I have a heart attack. Off work for 3 months with nothing much to do so I bought an indoor greenhouse and a grow light. Then I upgraded my light. Things were going great and I had purchased a few Sarrs and 2 Neps and a couple Drosera. I decided to build a pond, buy a Cobra Lily and try to replicate it's environment. July 4, not Sure What I did but I messed up my back to the point of not being able to get out of bed for close to 2 months. So, since then I have done nothing but add to my collection. I have been out on Disability since then and will be until at least Feb 5th, 2024. I continue to buy plants even though I told my wife "No more plants until next year". That lasted all of 2 days:):). I spend roughly about $150.00 or so every 2 weeks. Sorry for the kong winded post, sitting around doing nothing gets really boring. Pic is of my Heli that I recently purchased. I have never had one so any growing advice is appreciated.


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Welcome to TF, Andy! I'm glad you found your way here. I wonder how many of us got started with flytraps from big outlet stores? I noticed my neighborhood WinCo was selling them awhile back.
:welcome: I too was throwing away plants that were going dormant, until I joined this forum and learned better! lol Did you intend to attach a photo to this thread?
Mark, yeah I got my first CPs (flytraps) from the grocery store. ;)