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it work's

I took leaf cuttings from one of my vft's (common) in june, and I finally have a plantlet. I followed instructions from SAVAGE GARDEN getting some of the white base, placing it flat on its prefered soil, then putting a pinch of soil over it. It took some real patients, the leaves them selves died and I wanted to start over but left them, and I'm glad I did. So for all of you who have never tried this, be patient, if I can do it any one can. good growing Jack
i am trying this very same thing right now (it's been about 2 weeks so far). i followed the instructions in savage garden, as did you.
my question, did you put them in ziplock bags (savage garden mentions this, but doesn't go into detail about it)?  i did.  i had them open (unzipped?) for the first week, then zipped them the second week.  sound right?
how much light did you give them?  direct / indirect?

Hey, thanks for the encouragement.

I just tried this last night pulling the leaf in a downward motion to get a bit of the rhyzome. I then buried it about an 1/8th of an inch with a pinch of the canadian sphagnum/perlite mix alongside an adult plant for lack of a better place to put it. I know the leaf will die. I think the book said 4 weeks or so. Can't wait.

Me again.

I think I will try several clippings as I am pretty sure I won't have a 100 percent success rate; some of them will just rot, I'm sure. I just hate to deprive my plants of traps!

ha, ha.

i did one leaf "pulling" from each of my plants that had 1" ish traps (5 total). i just "pulled" a leaf that the trap had already died on, whenever possible.

also, i'm expecting more like 2-3 mos for any sign of growth.

good luck!

Hi all. Technoracer, I did put them in ziplock bags at first but then I put the pot in a terrarium with a lid. I would keep them in the bags still if not for the tank. I have a shoplight for lighting. I had four leaves that I tried and so far I only have one plantlet but maybe I'll get more. All my leaves turned black and actully rotted away befor the plant came up. I uncovered one of the other dead leaves and it still was firm and white, so I think it just takes lots of time. Also I plan to keep them growing all winter and not let them go dorment
thaks jack! i have them in a fish tank, but it's not covered, so the bags are sealed. i'm not going to let any of my vft's go into dormancy this year. hopefully i won't have any fatalities, but if i do, that'll give me an excuse to buy more!

Leaf cutting is a great exuse to avoid dormancy...hmmm, I think I like it

i agree! my plan is to have plants growing year round. when i have to put some into dormancy, i'll have younger ones growing!

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Hello all, I have a question about this leaf propagation business. I think I've got the main idea of it, however, after you pulll the leaf down and expose a little white from the root, and after you put some peat moss or what have you over it, do you actually disconnect the leaf from the main plant, I'm assuming not, but how will it become it's own plant? I'm totally new and learning. Appreciate your time.
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what you are doing is pulling a "leaf" off of the plant ,using a downward pull, to get some of the white part of the plant. you then will plant this "leaf" in another pot. use a mix of 50/50 spag. peat and pearlite (i bought mine at walmart. it is shultz brand). give the cutting lots of light, and higher humidity, then wait. it's been 10 days so far, for me. nothing yet. like i said, i'm expecting it to be months...

did this help?

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Hey Guys,
Couple of days ago I decided to join the crowd! I put the cuttings (right word?) In my jiffy pot seed germinating "greenhouse." The leaf has been in there for almost a week, and no rot!
I also tried an experiment. Ever hear of VFT's growing mini-me's at the end of their flower stalks? There was an earlier post about it. Well, I let mine flower, and there was a part of the stalk that looked like it could be a mini-me. I decide to try to root that, too. We'll see how it goes!
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Technoracer, yes that was a tremendous help.  

Off to Wal-Mart I go. One more question though, say I decide to use a leaf from one of the ones that has a dying trap on it.  Will this still work well? I hate to rip off a leaf from a really healthy big trap. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do though. A few more trips to the store, and I shall embark on the great procedure of propagation! (or forced plant reproduction)
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Yeah I posted saying there's a pic of a baby flytrap on a flower stalk in the book "carnivorous plants of the united states and canada 2nd version" It's a really good pic!
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There was also someone who had one of their VFTs produce plantlets on the flower stalk back in July but they used Club Photo to post the pics and all u get is the club photo add now
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"the savage garden" is a book on cultvating carnivorous plants, written by peter d'amato.  it seems to be the bible of growing cp's.  lots of good info.  i bought my copy at border's, but any good book store should have it, or be able to order it for you.

well, after about a month, i now have a baby vft growing.  so far it's the only one, but i hope i get more (i planted 6 leaf pullings).  in a few weeks i should be able to transplant it to it's own container, correct?  or should  just leave it in the one it's in now till spring?  (it's in a 20 oz gatoraide bottle top, no drainage, in a zip lock bag, in the fish tank with 2 15 watt bulbs (1, soft, and 1 warm white).  it have 2, 1-2mm traps on it right now.  the whole plant i about the size of a piece of pearlite.  it's so tiny!

any other thoughts?

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I tries this method and was pretty successful but they suddenly died.
I had about 3 VFT baby buds.
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I was wondering how big your plants are before you start taking cuttings or "pullings." Oh and I know that vft are extremely intolerant of salts so I was also wondering if you guys used any rooting hormone or if that will kill the poor buggers.
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all of my plants that i used for leaf pulls had roughly 1" long traps on them.
i haven't tried any type of rooting hormone, but i do use superthrive mixed in with the water (1 drop to 1 gallon).