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It never hurts to ask...

I was in a local wal mart last night and I saw some very pathetic looking sarrencia purpeas. I decided to save one (or as my wife would say "try") at the price of $3.97. I read in The Savage Garden that the author had once aquired several vfts at %50 off and I asked the cashier if that may be the case here considering that they looked in such poor condition. To my surprise, she said yes and I purchased four at the price of $1.50 ea! Now I know that these plants have a relatively long road of recovery ahead of them, but hey, it never hurts to ask now does it??
I do that all the time with orchids at Lowes. If there is one that I think can be salvaged, I go to the front desk and say I don't want to pay full price for a plant that might die on me in a week. They have usually complied--half price or more.
With good care, the orchids do fine.

So no it never hurts to ask.

yha , it never hurts to ask , look what i did a few weeks ago : cp road trip rescue alothugh one time i asked i got in an arguement with the manager of a plant store .
Hey, last year me and my mom saved a S. lecopylla 'tarnok'. and a S. 'judith hindle' that was 10 bucks, and got them for 4.50. And then later that year they put all their plants on sale for 75 cents. I bought a few flytraps and a S. purpurea for that. All those plants are growing great.

That's funny. I asked the people that worked there if I could have/buy the dead plant (I really wanted the pots with the cool lids) for cheap. They said no, that if they returned the pots to the company, they would get a partial refund. I've never seen them put plants on sale, even when they're dead they're still full price!

I went to my local nursery yesterday to look at plants and was looking for their neps (always coccinea) and I saw one lonely plant hanging in a broken pot bone dry. I asked the salesperson if they could knock a little off the price ($29.99) since it was in poor condition. He took me to the manager with the plant and she said "just give it to him"... excellent.
What store was that, I'm in PalmBay/Melbourne area now?
</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (SnowyFalcon @ Aug. 01 2003,07:42)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">What store was that, I'm in PalmBay/Melbourne area now?[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
I live in Palm Bay hehe. It was Rockledge Gardens north of here on US1.
Man, Dyflam, you are a lucky-duck! There aren't even any stores around here that sell neps....I saw ONE at Lowes once, but that's 40 minutes away...
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when they have dead plants they never put them up for sale and they usually tell me that i can't have the dead plant because they will return the pot for a partial refund as well . i like the pots too especially the ones with the plants planted in lfs and when the plants die i ask them if i can have the pot but they still say no , but its weird , they give me a half dead plant free but they won't let me have the pot .dyflam your lucky , but 30 bucks for a plant , how big was the broken bone dry pot with the nep . i rarely see neps as well the first time i ever saw a nep was at home depot and i brought it right away , its growing sooo slow but i love it still . the only time i ever saw neps were 3 times thats it , and all the plants i saw i brought , considering that i only brought 3 plants .i rarely see cobra lilies , and butterworts as well .
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Mcrwt644, congrats on your new discounted plants. Chances are that the rhizomes will have enough life left in them to return to health once you have them in decent growing conditions. I would suggest that since they are already stressed from neglect that you go ahead and transplant them into a larger (at least 6" pot) with a 50/50% peat and sand mix. That way, once they start growing they won't have to be disturbed again for a couple of years or more. Be careful of the sand labeled "play sand" as it is usually very alkaline. If at all possible, use silica sand.
One more thing, Lowe's and Home Dispute have a 1 year guarantee on all of their plants. Keep your receipt and take advantage of it in case the plant croaks.