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It just sits there

o_O okay, I got my Ventrosa (sp?) in december and I put distilled water in the drained pitures. One pitcher began turning brown about a week later and then stopped, so that only the top half is dead. The other pitcher didn't turn brown. Okay, so now it is over two months later and that one pitcher is STILL half dead, and the other one is still fine. What is up with this? I thought drained pitchers always died off, and what the heck is up with only half of it dieing, LOL! Can someone enlighten me to why my plant is erm, so healthy I guess, and can I removed the dead part of the half dead pitcher or is that a bad idea? Thanks
Nep pitchers often do this, half of my ventricosa pitchers are dead on their upper portions. leave them be until the pitcher is totally dead and then clip it off
okay, thanks, I was wondering if it was just me or something.
You could remove the brown portion although I don't usually bother. The pitchers will still function for feeding even with the top portion brown and dried.
even though the pitcher was drained? Do you think by now it has replaced all the distilled water with enzyme solution? Mine can't eat with it right now anyways because the dead part caved in.
Yes you do need to be careful about feeding pitchers that have had water added. Food seems more likely to get moldy and cause pitchers to die when the natural pitcher fluid has been diluted. I was just talking in a general sense that pitchers with the top portions dried are still functioning and can take some food still.