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Isn't it so nice.....

nepenthes gracilis

Nepenthes Specialist
Isn't it so nice when a friend gives you stuff? Today a friend visited me and dropped off a box chock full of free drosera and Utricularia. It is sooooo nice when people give you free plants, and that shows just how nice some people really are!
They just wanna share the love of CP's with others. Just thought I would share this with you all to show you there are really nice people out there!
Ya, and the nicest people seem to congregate here at PFT. In my opinion the leaders of the "niceness" forum are Tamlin and Pyro and larry and a few others.

Awwww, geez, its my pleasure. Whats a few plants between friends, y'know?
Oooh, wow, I got metioned, hee hee

I do enjoy giving out seeds. Hopefully I'll have gemmae to give out next year.
Ya Tamlin gave me gifts! oooooo! the pygmy's are soo nice!
I finally got them all potted up! They look so nice! Once again thanks a million Tamlin o buddy!  
yea u too dustin and that ampullaria
No problem!
BTW, you do know that the Amp you have is the one that wasa side shoot from Tamlin's Ampullaria I gave him last night. Pretty cool huh!

so my and tamlins amps are bros or sis's or bonth


they are related!