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Is this normal?

Can anybody help with this?

I have 4 new pitchers growing on my nep, but my oldest pitcher (already full grown before my purchase) has shut and is turning a bit yellow. It looks like it's dying but the other pitchers are still growing fine.

I mist it everyday, but the medium seems dry. Lighting shouldn't be an issue and the internal temp of the terrarium is about 75 to 77.
yes, it is normal for a older pitcher to turn brown and dry up and weather away. pitchers usally last a month some even longer under proper care. as new growth is added to the plant newer pitchers will come out and bring joy to you growing it.
Whew... that' s good to hear.

So, a Nep has all it's pitchers growing on the new, fresh foliage rather than the older ones at the bottom.

as the plant get taller with new foliage the leaves will but out new pitchers.