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Is this fella a goner?


Staff member
My friends in Singapore are also seeing this as the weather becomes cool and humid (cloudy mornings, rainy afternoons).


The plant decides to slow down its growth and only to put out shorter, unopened leaves.  Should we cut back on watering while waiting for sunnier weather?
Probubly, I'm not much of a dew person, but plants in general use less water when they don't have as much sun.

The only other area I would look into is local air pollution levels. If you have really poluted ran, it could be hurting the plants when in high volume. If thats the case, I'd move the plant to a sunny windowsill and stick to watering with distilled water untill the rainy season is over.
It looks light an insufficient light issue to me. I would just keep the plant in tray watering, under flourescent lights. The plant does not look that bad and will likely spring into growth again. Unless the centermost leaves start dying you should not lose this plant.
Yes, I suspected as much that it was a light problem. Been rather cloudy in Singapore recently.
Well, my capensis has 2 new ermerging flower stalks, and after I removed all the dead leaves, it looks much better now. Hopefully it'll start thriving again.

One thing tho, can I use a bug spray on the plant? This bug spray is for plants and claims to kill mealybugs, etc etc, but the Savage Garden mentions that such sprays can be harmful.
that happened to my d. aliceae , i think its was too little light and nor air circulation , it died later .
It's gone...the leaves. I'm hoping that the root will put out some new plants now.