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is this container big enough

ok i recieve my Pitchers. would a little window(plastic) box be big enough to put Sarracenia Purerea( i guess thats how it is spelt) to live in. they are small right now, and i got five of them. the container is about 1 1/2 ft long and 6 inches wind and 6 inches deep. will that be good enough for them ?
The plants should be happy in that container for the moment but they may need spacing out a little as they get older. Is the widow box undrained? If so, a better option would be to plant the S. purpurea's in 4 inch pots and stand these in the window box instead. Then as the plants mature you can re pot them in to 5-6 inch pots withopught the hassle of digging up the entire box.
Choose your compost carefully, make sure you don'y use potting soil as it may contain fertilisers and it is unsuitable for these plants. An ideal compost is 6 parts peat 2 perlite and 1 sand. The sand can be ommited and replaced with more perlite if you wish.
I've regularly planted lots of different CPs in the window-box type pots, with good success. You end up having to transplant and divide every 2 or 3 years but the plants seem to love it. Plus it makes maintenance much easier, and I think I probably use less water. The size you have is okay but I'd recommend something a little bigger and deeper - just not too big or it'll be too heavy to move.
ok once they get bigger i'll plant them in seperate containers.

is this the right potting mix. well i got one of those big blue cups and i put 3 cups of peat moss to 1 cup of perlite. is that right mixture
well what i usually do is i take peat moss and just calculate in my mind whats enough, then i take some perlite and then throw it in, and mix it around, making sure i see perlite, if i see little, its too little, if theres alot, then i add more peat moss, i do it all by hand, no cups or anything, to me if i do it with cups i think something is wrong, when i do by hand it is so much easier for me to caluculate how much to do, and i wear plastic gloves, just incase, hehe, the tight plastic doctor gloves

maybe this works for others,

so all in all, what you said is fine

as long as you see perlite its fine, if you see too little, add some more
should you see equal amounts of each.
i would say more amount of peat than perlite

purpurea like it wet, not that loose like neps, and they like to be sit in a trey of water,