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Is this a red vft?

Hi all,

I got a VFT today. Its trap interior is completely red. One of the trap's teeth are red. The exterior isn't red, but newly emerging traps/stalks are reddish, with green on the unopened trap. The plant was kept in a shaded area in the nursery I got it from.

I'll post a pic as soon as I can. Is this a red VFT?
It might be, but you won't know for sure untill you have had it in good light for a while. Even if it isn't an all red, getting a plant with solid smooth color inside the trap is a great find too! Most just have a burst of color at the center and sort of peeter out to green befor hitting the edges of the mouth.
Here's a pic of the VFT:
Sorry its just a typical.........actually a very beatiful typical!
I believe you will get really red traps with that plant.
Oh well.. that's a little disappointment BUT it is a very beautiful plant in its own right too

Anyway, my other typical VFT has only half pink (not even red) traps, the other has like green traps (and it's a typical, supposedly)... so are there diff types of "typicals" with diff trap colourations?
Very nice plant.
And yes, there are different "types" of typical vfts.

ebeyonder, I will tell you a typical can very quite a bit. Some typicals may produce "Giant" traps. Some can even give out a deep deep burgandy in the traps. I know a friend who has a typical, but everyone thinks its some sort of All red trap clone. I will bet that the typical in that picture will be very pretty if you give it maximum sun exposure to the sun.Here is a very red typical:
Yah, it's typical, but an awsome one!
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Just an addendum to this. How much sun is maximum sun? Ebeyonder and I live in equatorial SEA, where temperatures can easily reach 38C in direct sunlight. Won't this cause the VFT to burn, even if it does guarantee redness?

Also, I was going to post about my dismal repotting attempt, but after reading eBeoynder's posts, I'm slightly more reassured. Mine's been repotted in a stratified medium: sphagnum moss, then peat moss, then some sphagnum, then more peat. I hope that isn't a problem.
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Just as long as you do it slowly so the flytrap can adapt will be fine.
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er, uh you mean layers? Layers aren't usually a good idea, but you can give it a try.
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I've got a qustion or two or three

question 1 & 2: How can you tell the difference between a typical and a non-typical? Does just come with experience?

question 3: Why is it not a good idea to have layers in the soil?

Just wondering.

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Hey Colin, I put my older VFT outside. It seems to be doing OK. All its leaves are green and there's a nice pinkish colour inside the traps. But as uglypho has said, slow adaptation is the key. I got another VFT from FEF a month ago. As u know, those were put under heavy shade at FEF. When I put it out in the hot sun immediately after purchase, some of the leaves promptly turned yellow/brown within days and died. However, the plant is now putting out new green leaves.
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Glad to here the plats adapting Ebeyonder.Wes, If the plant has a consistent feature,e.g.prostrate habit, it is not a typical.Don't get the last one Wes.
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Consistent feature? Sorry but I'm not the greatest vocabulary student so could you explain that? E.g. prostrate habit? Explain that one while at it.

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Guess I was unclear, sorry about that. Ok, you can tell if your plant is not a typical if the plant grows differently and "won't' revert to a typical growth. For instance, I have a VFT that is flat all year, this plant is called a "prostrate clone''. If the the plant has purple traps instead of the usual red, its a red purple plant. However, if the plant sends out one ''sorta'' purple trap, then all the other traps r regular red, its not a red purple/ bigmouth plant.
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Yes, why is soil layering a bad thing? I always thought having it in pure peat was not a good thing as peat is a very dense medium.
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Wow,Uglypho beutiful plant! isn`t it a blood red trap though?
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Nope, just a typical. I would say a common VFT can be mastaken for a blood red.