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Is this a Drosera Capensis? Also question about Superthrive

Hi y'all,

I just got this Drosera at Home Depot (sorry Exotic Gardens, it was on sale! Plus...there's a seedling in the pot). Is this a Drosera Capensis typical?

The plant was lamely labeled "The Fly-Eating Octopus Plant." Seriously, I've though, I've always thought that giant squid are much more vicious with them pulling apart ships and all. Then I could have named my plant "Squid Vicious" instead!

Sorry about the picture quality, all I have at the moment is a webcam. (And sorry about the joke!):biggrin:



Also, do 'dews enjoy Superthrive? I use it with my Nep with great success, though I have yet to hear that it is okay for Drosera or Dionaea.
This is Drosera capensis, typical form.

I can't offer any advice on superthrive, but I have heard that it is effective with all CP, restores hair on bald men, makes a great rocket fuel and improves ones ability to play poker.
Thanks for the quick reply, Tamlin.
Perhaps I should feed Superthrive to the neighbor's poodle, it can grow more hair and perhaps play poker with the other dogs around the card table!

Kids, don't try this at home. :cheesy:
Hey Michelle,
Definitely a capensis. That labelling is stupid, they are the only ones that call capensis an octopus plant.
I've heard ppl swear by super thrive and I've heard ppl say it's a waste of time. I haven't been able to find any superthrive here so I haven't been able to evaluate myself. I say if it was really that good then it wouldn't have that many doubters.
I use superthrive, 2 drops per gallon on nepenthes, but don't really use it anymore with anything else. I don't know if this is result of the superthrive but 2 neps made new growth at the bottom of the plant a month later (the pictures are in the nep forum) N. Alata and N. Ventricosa. I've seen that "The Fly-Eating Octopus Plant" label on plants in safeway 2 years ago, but I got the S. Purpurea ssp Venosa instead. They had some pretty huge VFT as well.
In no time, your capensis will look like this

I just came from posting about plants being outside, and LOOK at you with all your outdoor growing glory!!! Grrr....

Is normal summer lake effect humidity enough? *think great lakes region*...
By any chance did your cape sundews come from Booman Floral because my sundew did and it is not doing well as you can see in my posts . I live in Canoga Park , Southern California .
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Parasuco ,

Yes, lake effect humidity is fine for these plants. I am on the shore of Lake Ontario, and I grow almost all my Droserae outside, full sun, no cover. Just remember acclimization takes time, just like you getting a tan. You have to start slow, and increase the time of exposure until the plant toughens up. Putting weak soft plants into full sun all day will fry them. Without the time needed for the cells to produce a waxy coating (called suberin), the choloroplasts will die, and the cells will dessicate.
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I happened to get mine at Home Depot in Marina Del Rey. It's about 25 miles from you, you might want to hop on over. BTW, I found a patch of aphids sitting on one of my leaves, when I got it 3 days ago it didn't have any dew so they must have invaded. Just cut off that leaf, and the plant is perfectly healthy!
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larry, that plant is gorgeous!

Statik, your does of superthrive is too strong! 1 drop a gallon is plenty. If a nepenthes gets to much superthrive, it will eventually stop pitchering as it's roots will be uptaking everthing it needs.

Many of you know I am a diehard Superthrive fan, it really works for me, and my family as well. As far as I know it generally improves root health and mineral uptake from the roots, resulting in a stronger plant.

I haev used it only on flytraps sars and nepenthes. ALl to good effect.
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RamPup, thanks, its one of my favorites

Tuyen, yeah, it came from Booman Floral, but I bought it at home depot. How long have you had it? It will take a few months for the capensis to huge humongous size.
I'm also in SoCal, so if you need any help, ask away!
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Been using superthrive on N. Ventricosa and N. Alata on and off for over a year with no problems... I did use 1 drop a gallon and not notice anything special about it. So I took a risk this year with 2 drops and I am getting new growth points all over the place. I don't use Superthrive everytime I water, maybe thats why it's still okay. But if it stops producing pitchers at least I'll know why!
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I've had that sundew for about 1 week already and it looks like Wickedthistle's .
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Oh, I guess it is from Booman Floral, but bought at Home Depot. D'oh! When I saw that stupid "Octopus Plant" label I put it away. Indeed, we all got it from the same place! Good to know it will look like Larry's soon!
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I'm sure we all got the plants from Booman Floral , because look at the potting media , the pot , the specie, and you all had a card that called it an octopus plant .
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My potting medium (and plant) was pretty dry. Not as dry as the dead plants next to it, but I digress. There was only 1/2 soil in the pot, so I re-potted that material with a mix of 40/40/20 Peat/Sand/Perlite to make it a bit happier.
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Hey Larry , I need some tips on growing CP's , What is your adress , Phone # .
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Wow...great plant Larry!