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Is this a dente?


It’s a trap!
I found this "Dome of Terror" at a local grocery store. I paid way too much for it, but noticed that one dome had an odd looking VFT in it. So, I bought it. There is also a purple pitcher plant and an unknown sundew.

I think this is a dente.


Another View:



It does look like a dente, but it could be a 'beat up' VFT

I would wait to see some more traps form.

In summation ( I am such a nerd

I would say it appears to be a Dente

The sundew looks like either intermedia or capensis ( IMO )

The plants look like they are in pretty good shape, and I am sure with all the love, they will be awesome!
Yep! I'd definetly have to say that you have a Dente there.

P.S. Nice moss!
Can't view the pictures  

Scrap that, they just came up the second time I opened the thread! Looks a bit like a dentate, but I can't see any of the mature teeth so it is difficult to be certain.
Hi Guys,
After our trip to Atlanta Botanical Garden, 'Dente' should be called 'Dentate'.