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Is something wrong with my Nepenthes?

Recently moved my Nepenthes from windowsill to a terrarium. All the other HL Nepenthes' leafs stayed green or red. However, this three are turning red or yellow. Right now they are getting 12 hours of sunlight from Sunblaze 24 (have specs below). It's 9 inches away from the plants. It's been 9 days since they moved into their new home. Max temp = 77 Min = 66. Average 72.

Help and thanks!

Light specs
The Sun Blaze T5-24 (960295) fluorescent light fixture is ideal for all indoor plant growing projects. With a length of 2 feet, this fixture operates four Spectralux (901621) blue 6500K T5/HO lamps, which offer 2,000 lumens at 24 watts each and or Spectralux (901593) red 3000K bloom bulbs


Nepenthes Muluensis x Lowii

Nepenthes x Caesarion

Nepenthes Sibuyanensis
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OK, but how HOT is it getting in the terrarium??
Max temp = 77 Min = 66. Average 72. It'll drop lower tonight because I am moving the whole set up into my garage.
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