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Is my cephalotus dying??? :-(

Hello everybody,

My baby cephs are turning yellow and I'm unsure why, it is in the same conditions as my other ones but one ones pitchers are turning yellow and the other the leaves and a pitcher are as well(already had to cut two ) Could I be giving it too much light (they are under T5 bulbs)? I moved them to the bottom shelve of my mini greenhouse in thought that it might be too hot for it at the top. I water my cephs. from above and don't allow them to be waterlogged but I'm noticing that the moss is also kind of drying, could it be that the humidity isn't high enough?
Any thoughts on why this is happening? :-(


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Media needs to be wet looking on top. New plants, or have you had them for a wile. what is your humidity temperature? Do you feed them? Have you used any great white or similar products? Does you media have a bad smell? I know thats a lot of questions but all are important to know.

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Thank you for the quick response :) The smaller one is fairly new(3 months) , but the bigger one I've had for a year. I live in San Francisco, but I try to keep the humidity between 45%-55%. Maybe I need a new temperature humidity meter, because humidity in Sf is currently High (84%). I haven't feed them, they seem to catch little insects on their own, although I did feed the bigger one once; there was a very annoying fly around :p . Could that be it? I have not repotted them ever since I had them and it doesn't smell bad, my friend thinks I'm weird for actually smelling it haha. Sorry but I'm not sure what you mean by great white. Have tons to learn :)
Your photos aren't showing BTW.
Oh, interesting, it showed earlier, must have changed it but Thanks for letting me know, Ill edit it.
Might try giving them a dose of osma cote or maxsea the experts can give you dosages on them i dont want to give you bad info new to cephs less than 3 months so i just dont feel comfortable telling you what to do because i haven't had much experience with them.

Great white is a mixture of fungi and bacteria that stimulate root growth and overall health google great white root stimulater bad spelling sorry and it should pop right up great stuff for your plants not just cephs all plants can benefit from it for the most part
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Thank you so much Yimmy. I shall consult with the experts when I head up north :).
Well accuracy i was meaning the veteran growers on here they are good at helping with problems and questions but from your pics they look great humidity might be a bit low but good color and all could be just trying to rest so to speak any temperature changes or have you moved them from place to place a lot i read that you had moved them in your green house i think as long as its under 80 degrees and at least 60 % humidity they should be ok on the higher level.

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That looks like perfectly normal senescence to me.
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To put it in easy words "pitchers and leafs don’t live forever". It looks healthy to me too. I had pitchers which lived for more than two years and others lived only a few month.
Cant make out why, but the plant gets bigger and bigger.

Another one lost three big pitchers within two weeks, after they went indoor. Now this plant is bigger than before, after only 6 weeks.
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I agree. That looks normal. Keep a look out on the new growth point of the plant (new pitcher budding). If those suddenly go black..then you may have a root issue. For now they look ok. if I were you...I would poke the soil of those pots all the way from top to bottom. That moss typically chokes the media making it anaerobic. You want some O2 to get to the roots.
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Thank you Axel.

I must have just over reacted, lol . It was the first time this happened, but thank you for your help. Did you have yours outside? if so what were the conditions, ill like to see if i can have mine outdoors sometime of the year instead of all year round in the greenhouse, but I'm afraid this may cause too much stress.
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I like this very much vraev. I will do that when i get home from work today. I usually leave the bottom part of the greenhouse open to allow some air but it might not be good enough. Its currently cold in SF and don't want them to get too cold, will putting a small fan in there cause the humidity to get lower?
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My Cephalotus are placed in the shade in early spring End of April or earlier. After 4 weeks they go to a place which has sun from the morning until 1 pm

In case we have frost in the night, they come in to the cellar till morning. They probably don’t mind light frost too much, but I have dwarf Drosera as company and don’t want to take a risk.

In autumn they go into my studio which is generally frost free. For darker colour I have over two pots one LED bulb for 10 hours, 400 lumen cold white 6500 k. 5 watt.
The others don’t have it and apart from the colour I don’t see a difference.
I live in 6b and winter starts late November untill March /April first frost from September to Oktober latest middle of May.
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They will take light frosts without any detriment and if handled properly will take even lower temperatures. I have had them survive to 0F (-18C) although I would strongly recommend that you do not do that as other experienced growers lost their plants at a higher temperature than I was experiencing