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Is it dying or growing?

Ever since I got my plant, it's traps started to black out, and so I chopped them off ( all the way down ).  I believe I cut about 5 traps so far.  The weird thing is, there are six new traps growing.  I'm not sure if its dying and taking its last breath or growing :confused:

Also, one of my traps, which has a big leaf had a small trap, like a trap that was about to open but it did not.  In fact, it stayed like that for a while, and just today I noticed that its neck ( area between trap and leafe ) was a little wobbly, I touched it a little and it came off !!!  So, should I leave that leaf or cut it off?

Just another thing, some of the traps are sort of growing around/on top of each other.  Should I leave them to grow naturally like that, or try and move them out of the way?

Thanks ahead of time

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Leave the leaf. Let it grow naturally. And give it more light. It sounds to me like it is not getting enough sunlight. It is trying to grow, but large leafs and small plants means it is trying really hard to get more light. If it doesn't get mor elight it will become exhausted and die. I lost 12 VFT before I ever figured this out, don't follow me ok.
hey, what you should do is, when the fly trap turns all black, cut off the tap only, and if the leafe is still green leave it untill it turns black, its called photosynthisis
so when the leafe is turning black and the trap is still green, leave it alone, dont cut it off until the trap is black, and if there are black spots on it, leave it
Thanks for the reply guys.

I'm going to follow your advice and leave the leaf. It gets moderate - good light depending on how cloudy it gets here. It actually has seven big traps, the rest are still growing. I just need to get my but off the chair and get a lamp with a soft white bulb.